• Couple consoling each other at a funeral

      Dealing with Difficult Relations During a Beloved’s Funeral

      Couple consoling each other at a funeralFunerals are an emotional and draining experience, especially for those involved in its planning and execution. As much as you’d like things to go smoothly, there may be relatives who would want to take charge over your decisions. If you expect this to happen, keep these pointers in mind.

      De-Escalation is Key

      Sometimes, relatives and friends would offer “helpful suggestions” throughout the funeral planning and even on the day itself. They may choose to tell you and your people how things should be run while complaining about the decisions you’ve made. However, this kind of mindset can be used to your advantage. As they’re offering to help, encourage them to serve drinks or snacks. Ask them to entertain newcomers just to keep them busy and distracted.

      Focus on Discretion

      Be honest with yourself. These people don’t even need to know what you’re planning to do. Remember that the deceased’s wishes are already being completed by more capable individuals. McDougal Funeral Home noted that choosing the priest, reserving the dates for the wake, and picking the right headstones in Salt Lake City should be left to those who can keep a level head. Just stay silent and keep working despite what you hear.

      Manage Your Own Emotions

      Exposing your feelings at a time like this is normal. Emotions can help you deal with circumstances and allow you to vividly express your thoughts. Nevertheless, they can also get in the way of proper funeral etiquette. Remember that this is not a one-man show. If you need help in dealing with unwanted pressure, ask for assistance from saner sources and take some time off to get a hold of yourself.

      How simple life would be if you could be in a scenario similar to Four Weddings and a Funeral or The Fault in Our Stars. While one can hope, it’s always best to be ready for relatives who don’t know when to quit. Finally, keep in mind your deceased loved one so you will know who this whole event is for in the first place.