• A Guide to Hopeful Ice Cream Shop Owners Out There

      ice cream in metal cupsIt seems like every day there’s a new ice cream flavor to try. Some of them are fun, for sure, while others are questionable at best. New and unique flavors may pique your interest, or they may make you cringe, but as a business opportunity, ice cream is something that can fill your pockets.

      Ready to get into this business? Here’s a guide for hopeful business owners:

      Start with the Classics

      Adventurous ice cream lovers will be enticed by new flavors, but that hype might die down soon–if it works in your favor at all. There’s nothing against being innovative, but make sure you cover the basics first. There might be more customers who love a plain vanilla ice cream instead of a bacon-infused confection. Chocolate ice cream can also be dressed up and down, but you cannot hide a bad product with frills and sprinkles.

      Consider Franchising

      Think about it: would you rather be an unknown ice cream shop that also offers refreshing flavors or do you want to be under an established brand people already trust for their tasty treats? Ice cream franchises┬álike Marble Slab are a good way to break into the market, as you’ll have some guidance when it comes to the business operation. You also won’t have to worry about the products to offer; the franchise already has this covered.

      Offer Samples

      This may already seem like a standard, but you’ll be surprised how many shops still don’t do this. Even Gordon Ramsay has dealt with a shop owner who wouldn’t offer samples and urged him to change his ways. Those samples are what customers base the quality of your products on. If you don’t let them get a taste, they will think you’re that concerned about losing profit, or you’re hiding something.

      You may think a small ice cream shop won’t make a big difference, but go into one, get yourself two scoops, and see how it brightens your day. Now, imagine doing that for others for a living.