• Commercial Cleaning Service

      Cleaning Your Office Efficiently With Cleaners

      Commercial Cleaning ServiceWhen cleaning your house or your offices, you want to make sure that the cleaners clean the rooms. American Safe Wash, an expert house and office cleaner recommends simple tips to ensure that the rooms are properly cleaned.

      Equipment and Supplies

      There are some companies which have their supplies and equipment. When a cleaning company submits a proposal, this should be clearly stated. If your company has an eco-friendly or green program, you might want to have your supplies. Check the contract to see if supplies are included or not. If you have your supplies, this should also be in the contract, and result in a lower quoted price. When running an office, the company should have its complete janitorial equipment.

      However, you would need to clarify if the cleaning company will be bringing in their equipment. If your equipment is satisfactory to do the job, they don’t need to bring theirs. This is also one way for better security in your offices. The cleaning company should have a list of equipment and supplies they need. It would be to your advantage if you bought the supplies yourself.

      Before the start of the engagement, you should provide a schedule which includes a list of rooms you want to be cleaned, and specifically, what part of the rooms. This usually means that personal offices would also have to be cleaned. Ensure that those who occupy these offices also understand that they have to keep their confidential files under lock and key. If possible, the schedule should also list the approximate length of time to clean the whole office.

      Emergency Services

      You can include emergency services in the contract, or you can have a separate provision for these and paid only if their emergency services are availed. Having an emergency services clause is important. These include cleaning the office during the day, cleaning up the floor or carpet if there was an accident. These accidents can consist of broken glass, after party clean up, blood or other bodily fluids.

      When searching for cleaning services, you have to be clear what needs cleaning. You also have to include emergency services in the service contract. These simple steps can help the cleaners to clean your offices better.