• AC Unit and a Toolbox

      Prepare for Upcoming Summer Months with Less Known AC Preventative Maintenance Tips

      AC Unit and a ToolboxBefore the heat is turned on in the Southern Hemisphere, you must find time for HVAC inspection and maintenance in the next few weeks. While it is convenient to avail of ducted air conditioning repairs from Sydney-based technicians, it can be a costly affair. To prevent issues that might require unplanned expense, here are three less known tips for AC preventative maintenance.

      Freon levels

      Freon leaks lead to inefficient AC, and in time, because of added operational load, the equipment will not reach its predicted lifespan. You may have to purchase a replacement unit much sooner than expected. Many homeowners in Australia are unaware that AC units do not utilise freon. As such, the coolant levels must remain constant. Any change in the volume of freon coolant in your ducted AC unit is due to a leak. This must be remedied as soon as possible to prevent additional issues from developing.

      Energy saving choices

      The first energy saving choice you can make is where to place the ducted air conditioning unit. Choose a place where there are no obstructions, so that the air circulates freely. Moreover, the size of the room must be a primary consideration in choosing the location for installation. Make sure the windows and doors can be shut firmly. Leakage of cool air through windows makes the AC work harder than it should.

      Also, choose interior design elements that promote cooling in a room that is exposed to the sun directly. Choose the right kind of curtain or window treatment. Plant trees and shrubs, and consider other environmental modifications to lower your home’s heat gain to save energy on cooling.

      Update the thermostat

      Modern thermostats have built-in timer functions and have smart functions ensuring adequate cooling. The room may not need freezer-like temperature.  Aside from updating the thermostat, ask AC experts about optimal temperature settings for the region.

      Preventative maintenance saves you a few hundred dollars in HVAC repairs. Think about calling professionals to check on your ducted AC way before summer sets in.