• Wheelchair Ramps: Options You May Consider

      Man going up the wheelchair rampWhilst the main goal of a wheelchair ramp is to allow scooters, wheelchairs and walkers to move up and down a building, it likewise helps you climb in or out of vehicles.

      For anyone who uses wheelchairs, mobility may become an issue. Luckily, various ramp types are available today to help you create access points if you cannot use the stairs. When choosing among the mobility ramps for sale in your local goods store, you are likely to find the following types of ramps.

      Threshold Ramps

      Whilst they appear small, threshold ramps make the movement between indoors and outdoors much easier for any wheelchair user. These are designed to fit the door frames, raised landings and sliding doors; therefore, allowing you to bump over with ease. They are available in plenty of sizes to suit different users and are made from aluminium to enhance their strength.

      Suitcase Ramps

      If you are looking for an easily portable ramp option, then the suitcase ramp is the way to go. This ramp is lightweight, compact and it folds up well for easy transportation and storage. Most of the suitcase ramps are made of aluminium and are designed to carry about 800lbs. They come in lengths of 2-8 feet and are perfect for use in small steps and stairways.

      Modular Ramps

      This type came in as an effective alternative to the fixed wooden ramps since it is maintenance free and easy to install. Wheelchair users prefer modular ramps due to their semi-permanent nature and the fact that they are made from aircraft grade aluminium. They are likewise suitable for people who use canes or walkers since they have handrails that support their movement.

      When buying a wheelchair ramp, you must consider various factors. Determine when and where you will need the ramp, the width of the ramp, the length of the ramp and the type of mobility assistance device that you are using, whether a scooter, wheelchair, stick or walkers. Ensure that the ramp is slip resistant, stable, firm and does not hold water.