• A Different Kind of Homesick: The Sick House Syndrome

      sick house syndromeWhen you think about a place you feel safe and protected, it’s usually the image of your home that first pops up. Not to pop your bubble, but did you know that your home may just be the reason you’re not safe?

      The Sick House Syndrome

      Your house may be the one causing those recent episodes of coughs or eye irritation. Utah Window Cleaning Inc notes that there’s a phenomenon called sick building syndrome, which refers to a set of health problems caused by the environment you’re in.

      Symptoms include a headache, nausea, fatigue, allergies, asthma attacks, and sometimes, changes in personality. Such symptoms are erratic. You probably notice that you sneeze and frequently cough when you’re at home, as compared with when you’re outside or in the office.

      Home Sick Home

      There are many factors that may contribute to you being sick due to your house’s environment, but the most common is dust. Not merely an inconvenience, dust, with its tiny particles, can clog nasal passages and irritate the eyes.

      As you know, aside from the carpets and bookshelves, the window area is where dust usually resides. It’s one of the common entry points of dust into your home.

      Although researchers say that the Utah County’s climate doesn’t make dust mites too alarming of a concern, in many houses that use window treatments such as blinds, dust is a big problem, making cleaning a dreadful chore.

      For this reason, you may want to get home window washing service Salt Lake City experts to provide. This will ensure you have spick-and-span windows and blinds.

      Dust Away

      Remember, dust shouldn’t be a problem to dismiss easily. It’s a mixture of dead skin cells shed by people, strands of carpet materials, and airborne and tracked-in soil specks from the outside. Some carry harmful substances, such as lead and arsenic.

      Reduce dust in your house by vacuuming regularly. It’s also important that you use clear filters on your vacuum. Your HVAC system should also have HEPA filters to reduce the possibility of dust spreading in other parts of your house.

      Your house may either be a haven or a breeding ground for sickness. Keep your house clean to make it a sanctuary for good health.