• 5 Bathroom Vanity Design Inspirations

      a bathroomFrom upcycled antique pieces to modern design, your vanity is an essential part of your bathroom’s interior. If you are shopping for RTA cabinets for sale to incorporate into your bathroom design, here are ideas you need to explore.

      Double-Duty Vanity

      A double vanity with deep drawers in the middle and an open space underneath provides added storage. Position the cabinet tower between two mirrors. You can also install a built-in linen cabinet to hold extra bath and grooming essentials.

      Elegant Vanity Details

      Crystal drawer, painted wood, and cabinet pulls all speak volumes of opulence when installed in the master bathroom. Accentuate the area with a stunning bronze and crystal scone and build a makeup station. Opt for recessed lighting in the architectural soffit to bathe the space in light. Finally, choose an expansive mirror to reflect the rest of the room.

      Timeless Vanity Flair

      Mix an oversized modern brushed-nickel cabinet and drawer with a classic dark wood for a timeless feel. Choose granite for your countertop. This style offers plenty of storage for two people to stash clutter, keeping the room organized and tidy.

      Custom Vanity Accents

      Combine light and dark colors in your custom vanity accents. Look for raised-panel cabinet doors with oil-rubbed bronze knobs for that vintage appeal. Paint your drawers with a light shade and choose dark-colored accessories like aged-frame mirrors, granite countertop, or brown tiles.

      Repurposed Vanity Charm

      You can repurpose antique pieces and integrate them into your vanity. If you have an old dining room breakfront, you can use it as the focal point of your bathroom. Install a wood-framed mirror and border it with simple, shaded classic sconces for that rich, traditional look.

      There are many ways to incorporate cabinets and accessories into your bathroom. From traditional to contemporary, there are a variety of styles you can choose from.