• All Work and Play: 3 Ways to Make the Workplace More Enjoyable

      People workingWhen you think of the word work, it can be synonymous with boring and stressful. Stress in the workplace can add up to the point that it can lead to sickness and it lessens overall productivity.

      A great way to loosen things up a bit is to break the monotonous routine in the workplace by adding fun and creative activities or things that the people will enjoy and appreciate.

      Here are three ways to make your workplace more enjoyable

      Small Things Matter

      Adding little touches to the workplace can actually have the most effect on the overall enjoyment in the office. An example is fixing up the IDs of the staff and instead of the boring 1×1 photo; we can have dynamic and creative poses not limited to a small frame. A photo ID firm in NZ can help you with this.

      Whenever someone is celebrating their birthday in the office, just a small token such as a cake can make their day and make them happier to work since they would know that you care for them.


      A little colour can light up the whole room. Let us stay away from the boring white and grey colours of the normal office and add more variety so that the staff can enjoy staying in the office.

      You can start by adding plants in the office can add more life while using the colours blue and green to the walls can add calmness in the atmosphere. Adding motivational posters and sayings near the walls can bring up the mood when someone looks at them whenever they are down.

      Weekly and Monthly Events

      Doing the same thing repeatedly every day can be tiring. Breaking it and adding variety is important not to let your work life be stagnant. Having different kinds of events such as birthday celebrations, food day at the office, sports festivals, and special holiday activities can raise the morale of your staff.

      The workplace does not have to be just work and no play. You can spice it up to let your staff work with a higher sense of productivity. Hopefully, with these three tips, you are on your way to a more enjoyable workplace.