• Commercial Printing: An Insight into the Constituents of the Inks Used

      commercial printingCommercial printing is an integral part of any profitable business. In-house prints look unprofessional and will portray a poor image of the company. There are various factors you must consider when getting commercial prints.

      One of these factors is the ink used by your printing services company, since ink affects your ultimate print quality and appearance. The components of printing ink affect it in different ways.

      Here are some of these constituents and their effect.


      This component gives the printing ink its desired colour. Pigments are made from blending specific substances in certain amounts. The elements used in making pigments include liquid dispersions, concentrated pastes, dyes, and powders. The particular ingredient used in your printing ink depends on the use of your prints. Prints for outdoor advertising, for instance, use fade resistant substances for their pigments.


      This substance binds your pigment to the printed surface. An ink’s vehicle can be formulated from vegetable oils, water, petroleum or solvents. When printing, your ink’s vehicle is liquid but dries on the print’s surface. Its speed of drying influences its risk of running and forming smudges on prints. Some printers use UV light and other technologies to hasten drying and prevent smudging.

      Additives and Modifiers

      These confer various properties on your printing’s ink. Driers, for instance, will hasten the drying process while extenders enhance the ink’s pigment coverage. Distillates, on the other hand, will improve your ink’s flow while waxes enhance its scuff resistance and slip.

      Now that you understand ink components, you can appreciate the way they influence your prints. Make sure to discuss these components with your commercial printer when booking their service, so you're not disappointed with the final results. Because of the various print processes and applications on the market, the above components might have slight variations among different manufacturers.