• Closeup of a Bed Bug

      Types of Heat Treatment for Bed Bugs

      Closeup of a Bed BugBed bugs are arguably the most challenging pests to eradicate worldwide. They live in the crevices and dark corners of your home and furniture and lay over fifty eggs per hour. Other than disturbing your sleep with night-time bites, these pests will leave you with ugly red welts that can become infected and cause severe skin conditions.

      Over-the-counter pesticides are primarily inefficient since bed bug populations have developed resistance to the chemicals. Heat treatment is the efficient solution used by bed bug removal companies today. Custom Bedbug outlines some forms of heat treatments the experts might recommend for your property:

      Hot Boxes

      Hot boxes can be used to kill bed bugs on small items. These include bags of clothing, blankets, and luggage. The pieces are placed into hot boxes with temperatures of 117-122 degrees Fahrenheit. Your exterminator will advise you on the items that can withstand the heat treatment. They will also determine the ideal ventilation for your treatment depending on the heat source used.


      This form of treatment is used to eliminate bed bugs together with their eggs and larvae. Steaming is used on visible areas, including bed frames, curtains, pillows, and blankets. This heat treatment is used to reach and treat deep regions and kill hidden bed bugs.

      Building Heat Treatment

      This treatment is used to treat building interiors. The process involves raising room temperatures with special devices to above 117 degrees Fahrenheit, which is lethal for bed bugs. Though more expensive compared to other heat treatments, building treatment eradicates pests at all stages and regardless of their location. To enhance the efficacy of this treatment, most exterminators combine it with specific pesticides.

      With the above heat treatment options, you are sure bed bugs will be a thing of the past in your premises. There is hence no need to continue wasting money on ineffective pesticides and DIY treatments. Get a professional exterminator today efficiently get rid of bed bugs.