• How Much Should You Pay for Commercial Electricity Prices in Florida?

      Electricity BillBusinesses in Florida pay an average kWh rate of 9.53 cents so far for their electricity bills, but your actual monthly bill may greatly differ from the median figure in the state.

      That’s because an average business’ energy use reaches six times more than household consumption. A typical house in the country consumes 911 kWh of power every month, while an average business may use around 6,000 kWh in the same period.

      Cost-Saving Measures

      While the current commercial kWh rate is mostly cheaper than residential rates, the larger energy consumption of businesses negates this advantage. Alternative products for commercial lighting in Tampa – a service offered by firms such as AMPRO – such as LED installation becomes more necessary.

      For instance, if your business consumed 6,000 kWh for a certain month, you can multiply that to the 9.53/kWh rate in the state. The result would likely cost an electric bill worth $571.8. Smart lighting can significantly reduce that amount, particularly for businesses that require 24/7 lights.

      Some cities are also exploring new tools to provide homes and businesses with a better way to track their power consumption.

      Smart Meters

      A pilot project in Bartow aims to expand its fiber-optic network and will require the participation of more than 1,200 homes and businesses. The selected participants will be able to track their electric consumption by just using their mobile phones.

      The project will carry a hefty price tag, yet local officials chose the city’s northern district due to the good mix of residential and commercial customers, which will provide a more comprehensive review of the project’s viability on different sectors.


      A lower monthly electric bill would be important to keep a healthy profit margin. Make sure that lighting fixtures are regularly maintained, while only using energy-efficient products at the same time. Doing so helps your bottom-line in the long term.