• Couple Holding Hands in Funeral

      An Effective Guide to an Eco-Friendly Funeral

      Couple Holding Hands in FuneralMost people see death as a sad part of life, but that is not always the case. More of them are now seeing funerals in a different perspective and are shifting it into a celebration of life — the life that the deceased had before they passed away. Not only how the ceremony is being held, but the materials used are likewise changing.

      Eco-funeral services are slowly gaining its popularity across the UK. Some people are now looking for environmentally sustainable arrangements instead of a more traditional headstone, for instance. Here are some facts about green burial that you might want to consider:

      It Uses Biodegradable Materials

      Unlike regular coffins made of metal and other non-compostable materials, most green funeral coffins are built from biodegradable materials, such as wicker, cardboard, recycled paper, willow, bamboo, and banana leaf. Some green funeral services even offer wool to its clients and are now slowly becoming UK’s leading textile mills.

      It Does Not Always Involve Cremation

      Believe it or not, cremation is not as sustainable as you think. The Federation of British Cremation Authorities revealed that about 424,956 cremations took place in 2004. This means that each cremator needs at least 760 to 1150 Celsius per cremation or 285kWh of gas and 15kWh of electricity on average. This is almost the same domestic energy needed by a single person in a month.

      These are just a few things you might want to consider when choosing a green funeral. Remember that your loved ones will still live on in your memories, so where they will be resting should not be an issue if it means saving the environment. Consider a green funeral to give life another sense of purpose and a whole new meaning even after death.