• Industrial HVAC System

      HVAC Options for Residences and Buildings

      Industrial HVAC SystemHeating and cooling are essential for all building interiors nowadays. Most HVAC systems require ductwork to supply and regulate cold and warm air in your home. Lack of ductwork in your building should not be a hindrance in getting an HVAC unit.

      Many heating and air conditioning providers in Niagara like MacKay Heating & Cooling have units designed for heating and air conditioning in ductless buildings. The units are inexpensive though the exact cost of your unit depends on its size, installation type, and system configuration. Here are the kinds of ductless HVAC systems you can choose.

      Radiant Systems

      This ductless option provides the most comfort. A radiant ductless system comprises several tubes installed in your floor and heated with electric currents or hot water. The heat produced rises and warms in your interior rather than the air. When hot, cold water is passed through the tubes efficiently cooling your interiors.

      Mini-Split Systems

      These systems consist of a condenser or compressor located outside your home with copper lines which carry a refrigerant to your indoor unit. The setup of a mini-split system reduces your building’s energy costs and results in minimal allergies in your interiors. Heat pumps are added to mini-split systems to supply warmth.  Modern units have Wi-Fi automation, 3D airflow, motion sensing and other features.

      Dual Condenser Units

      Mini-split systems might not be as efficient for large buildings since they could only work in four rooms at a time. The solution in large buildings is to get a dual condenser unit to increase your system’s output. Dual condenser units can be controlled with multi and single controls to heat specific zones.

      More and more buildings are now opting for ductless HVAC systems. Their easy installation and improved indoor air quality are the main attractions. The small size of ductless units and their zoning capability results in maximum energy efficiency and low carbon footprint.