• Nachos with various dips

      6 Essential Ingredients for Mexican Cuisine 

      Nachos with various dipsThe best thing about the Mexican cuisine is you can always make your own version of a dish. As long as you have the key ingredients, you can mimic your all-time favorite dish from different authentic Mexican restaurants in Springfield.

      Here’s why your favorite Mexican dish tastes so good:

      1. Avocado – Known for its healthy fats and balanced flavor, this buttery fruit is one of the staple ingredients of Mexican sandwiches and salads. Today, many restaurants and bistros use avocados to make Mexican-style guacamole, Avocado Bruschetta, and Salsa Verde.
      2. Beans – Black and pinto beans are among the go-to ingredients for some Mexican flavors. While some prefer using refried beans, it is always better to go for the fresh ones, especially when making Pico de Gallo, Enchiladas, and Chili con Carne.
      3. Cheese – Thanks to Mexican groceries, you can now buy the Latino’s pride queso Oaxaca. This white cheese is popular for making your all-time favorite tacos and burritos. Mozzarella and Fresco cheese can also be used as a substitute. These crumbly types of cheese add the perfect level of saltiness to dishes like Enchiladas, Quesadillas, and Chicken Tostadas.
      4. Chipotles – These smoke-dried jalapenos are available in can or jar. They are known for their rich, strong flavor, and usually paired up to salsa and marinades. Chipotles have that unique spicy and smoky flavor.
      5. Crema – This is the Mexican version of the famous sour cream. It has a bright and tangy flavor, which is perfect for hot or cold sauces. This special add-on is best for making tacos and flautas.
      6. Limes – Many Mexican chefs consider lime as one of the most useful ingredients. They use it to finish tacos, salsa, burritos, and other meat-based dishes. As they say, “you’ll never go wrong when you squeeze some limes”.

      These are just some of the main ingredients of Mexican dishes. Visit your favorite Mexican restaurant soon or go to your local market and prepare your kitchen if you’re planning to have your own version.