• What to Do When Your Car’s Window Glass Breaks

      Car for saleAre you experiencing problems with your windshield, and thinking it is the right time to get an auto glass replacement in Mesa, Arizona? Your technician has to take a look at the state of your car to decide whether you need auto glass replacement or a simple repair. If a replacement is the only way, you need to know the measures you need to do before and after the replacement.

      Covering the Crack

      The first step you should do when you notice a crack in your auto glass is to clean the area and cover it with duct tape. Covering prevents dirt from collecting before getting your replacement. The break can affect your line of sight and compromise your safety on the road.

      Avoid Washing the Glass

      It is not advisable to wash your auto glass before and after getting a replacement. Fluctuations of moisture and temperature can cause stress and cause further damage.

      Leave Your Car Open

      After getting your auto glass replacement, your car should remain uncovered and the window open. When your vehicle remains closed, there are chances that air pressure could increase and cause leaks in the adhesive that hold the glass in place.

      Replace Wiper Blades

      Worn out wiper blades are likely to cause scratches on your new car’s glass. Scratches will reduce its durability, so you should also get new and functional wiper blades.

      Avoid the Road

      When getting auto glass replacement, they use adhesive and resin to make it adhere. You need to give this adhesive time to rest and ‘cure.’ Full curing takes about a day to two, and it is advisable to avoid driving your vehicle during this time.

      Many reasons could lead you to need an auto glass replacement in Mesa, Arizona. Make sure to follow these measures to ensure your car’s window glasses and windshields last a long time.