• Sign printing machine

      Versatility of Large-Format Printing for Signages

      Sign printing machineLarge-format printing has made a lot of difference in innovating new signages. Signage experts, including SF Plastic & Sign Supply, recommend these large machines when you require bright colors and large-scale printing on various materials.

      Tarpaulin Printing

      One of the most common printing solutions is the use of tarpaulin. One can cut this material to small sizes, which is for printing multiple copies of the same design. It can also be heat treated to stitch together a larger image. There is no limit to what one can print when you stitch tarpaulin together.

      There are other advantages for businesses to attract attention with tarpaulin signs. Printed tarpaulin materials are durable, whether these are canvas or plastic. It is weather-resistant and can last for a long time.

      Ink is usually a fugitive to light, specifically UV rays, which make the sign fade, but it will take some time for that to happen. Tarps are also easy to transport and store as one can fold them and keep in storage until somebody needs them.


      Arlon vinyl is usually used for printing on curved or uneven surfaces. There are also Arlon clear film materials that can be useful in designing on glass. Arlon is best for custom vehicle coloring applications and vinyl wrap films.

      For most applications, Arlon has an adhesive backing, which people use to paste the printed material to the vehicle or glass walls. This flexibility allows the designer to fit the colors to curves, or to have huge graphics printed on the sides of trucks or buses.

      Large format printing allows for versatile advertising and signage designs. It is flexible with the materials for printing, and it can convey the vibrancy in colors. Considering the size of the prints, it is also a fast and cost-effective production method.