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      Elements You Need in the Perfect Breakfast Buffet Setup

      catering buffet shelvesBreakfast is the most important meal of the day. If you are catering for a crowd, you want variety. Some would prefer a simple toast with jam or Vegemite; others would go for the ultimate brekkie — eggs, bacon, grilled tomato, and mushrooms.

      You want to please both ends of the spectrum, so be ready with the following:

      A Variety of Beverages

      This meal is not just about the food; it is also about the drinks. You have the coffee drinkers who will look for a fresh pot as soon as they walk in. There are those who prefer tea, while a huge portion will look for juices and milk options.

      A beverage dispenser in Australia is an essential piece of equipment for a breakfast buffet. It allows guests to know you are serious about serving their food and drinks.

      A Cooking Station

      Some buffet items can be prepared in advance, but others are better prepared by request. Examples are waffles and eggs.

      You want to take these orders individually and plate them as soon as possible to please your hungry guests. Let them choose from toppings on their pancakes or waffles. They get to decide how they want their eggs. Wouldn’t you want this kind of attention to detail every day if you had the chance?


      You are ready with baskets of bread and an assortment of spreads, but what about those who like their breakfast simple but filling? Cereals should be included in the mix, positioned near fresh fruits, so guests do not feel as though they are getting the short end of the stick.

      Do not offer just one type of cereal too; your guests might have picky children in tow. Keep the milk jug handy and filled as well.

      A breakfast buffet can be a mess if you do not organize and prepare the deal breakers. Aim for both quality and quantity to please guests.