• Have You Adopted the Visual Factory Concept?

      Woman reviewing data on the graphsIn a lean manufacturing set-up, time and resources dedicated to conveying information are considered wasted. As more and more companies incorporate lean management practices in their operations, the visual factory management method becomes a preferable way of managing information. While this concept is simple, many firms find it hard to implement. But there are many benefits if companies adopt the idea.

      What Visual Factory Involves

      A visual factory is crucial for its efficient provision of data using infographics, charts, labels, signs and related tools in a lean manufacturing environment. All these visual tools can be implemented easily. On the face of it, this approach provides information quickly and clearly.

      Benefits of Visual Factory

      In visual factory systems, fire and safety signs offer numerous advantages compared to non-visual signs in a facility. In most cases, those consuming the information do not have the luxury of time, something that visual factory recognizes. Employees can digest a lot of information at a glance.

      The convenience that comes with this speed of delivery is easier for larger workplaces. A larger number of employees can receive information on hazards and dangers in the workplace immediately. Visual factories also deliver the message repeatedly, thus ensuring that employees are constantly reminded to adhere to procedures and processes.

      Flawless Implementation

      You can easily add a visual factory method to your lean management program because they are very affordable. You only need to order signs, posters or labels and install them in the right places. Many suppliers can create signs that would suit your business. You could hire a sign printer or industrial label maker to create all your visual information labels and signs. This may come with the challenge of large upfront costs, but some facilities find it appropriate for their businesses.

      With visual factories in your facilities, you will enjoy simplified instructions, improved output, less guesswork and enhanced safety. Make sure to find a label and sign manufacturer who can help your business implement your visual workplace solutions.