• Types of Natural Stones for Luxury Homes

      a luxury homeA long time ago, the Egyptian pyramids found in the western valley of the river Nile were covered in precious limestone. Similarly, stonemasons and architects of the Roman Empire selected marble stones to finish the interior spaces and walls of their luxurious buildings.

      These days, natural stones are likely to be found in the most luxurious American homes. This is because these stones are the ultimate definition of elegance and style, not to mention the curb appeal that they give to your property. That said, if you are looking for luxury houses for sale in West Richland Washington, rcsothebysrealty.com outlines some stone options you may consider.


      Marble is equal to limestone, which has undergone a comprehensive geological process to combine it with different crystallized minerals. Marble flooring is the epitome of beauty and luxury. It entails cautious installation and dedicated maintenance. However, the regal outcome that they give your home makes it worth the investment. White marble flooring, for example, is perfect for spaces that are meant for entertaining and impressing your guests.


      A modern luxurious home consists of a modern courtyard, a summer kitchen, a swimming pool, and well-landscaped garden paths. To improve the beauty of your home, the slate stone can be incorporated into these areas. It is available in the form of tiles or broken irregular pieces that are best used in decorating walkways, splashes, and columns. If your home is built in the Mediterranean Revival style or the Spanish colonial style, then the red slate stone is the best luxury stone you can use.


      Sunrooms, foyers, and other rooms leading the way from inside to the outside of a house are perfect for flagstone flooring. This is because it is one of the most natural appearing textures suitable for residential construction. However, flagstone tiles are never uniform. As such, they should only be used in rooms that demand a complete transformation to acquire a new bold look.

      High-quality natural stones for a luxurious home translate to proper care and maintenance. For instance, if your bathroom has marble stones, then you will need high-quality cleaners so that the stones will remain in an excellent state.