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      3 Qualities of a Good Court Reporter

      Scene inside courtroomMost court reporters in Phoenix, Arizona, work in courtrooms, recording and transcribing all manners of legal proceedings. But some of them also practice in other professional settings, such as in corporate boardrooms, events, and even in political gatherings where important personalities give speeches.

      For one to be a competent court reporter, they must possess these three vital qualities.

      A Good Listener

      The bulk of a court reporter’s job is listening. This is a challenging responsibility as it is. Add work settings replete with all sorts of audio interference to the equation and the court reporter’s job is further complicated.

      This is why to thrive in the court reporting vocation, and one must know how to zone out unnecessary noise and focus on what needs to be on the record and later on transcribed.


      Court reporters should be 100% accurate in their recordings. This expectation requires knowledge in, first, the English language, and second, legal, medical, and other industry-specific terms.

      Considering type about 225 wpm, court reporters are also responsible for speeding up recording without compromising the quality of their report.


      Lastly, the best court reporter exemplifies a level of professionalism worthy of emulation. This professionalism could manifest in various ways.

      An example would be how patient they are when doing their job, how they communicate with colleagues and other stakeholders in their chosen industry, and with their dedication to their vocation in general.

      Studies show that demand for court reporters are bound to increase in the coming years. With an increase in demand, surely more and more business outfits providing the services of expert court reporters are bound to crop up.

      To ensure that you only get to work with the best court reporters out there, do sufficient research on the firms you are currently considering.