• 3 Ways to Prepare for the British Pie Week

       meat pie on the wooden tableThe United Kingdom is a land of pie worshipers. It is a very UK thing to celebrate all sorts of special occasions by serving pie. In fact, the Brits love their pies so much that they devote an entire week to pie celebration, called British Pie Week, which runs between March 5 and 11 of each year.

      If you identify as a Brit or an outsider who wishes to experience something quite British, here are three ways to prepare for the next British Pie Week.

      Hoard enamel pie dishes

      Any self-respecting pie enthusiasts ought to boast a collection of topnotch pie dishes and as far as tradition goes enamel is the favoured British choice. This UK love for enamel pie dishes is founded on the notion that these baking implements cook better, evenly coloured and evenly browned pies.

      Hoard UK-approved pie recipes

      Any self-respecting pie enthusiasts ought to have a list of pie recipes they could whip up without having to consult with a recipe book. To increase your pie cred, start familiarising yourself with these recipes: cottage pie, fish pie, shepherd’s pie, chicken and leek pie, chicken and mushroom pie, steak and ale pie, meat and potato pie, pork pie, steak and kidney pie, and corned beef pie.

      Hoard advanced pie recipes

      If you want to level up your pie game even further, venture beyond the basics and try making any of these more advanced recipes: beef and Guinness pie, vegetarian shepherd’s pie, and Yorkshire curd tart, to name a few.

      The British Pie Week is a testament not only to how the Brits love their pies but moreover, to how passionate the Brits are as a people. When Brits are into something, they celebrate it loudly and proudly. And truly there should be no other way to go about showing appreciation for something other than through a full show of enthusiasm.