• Corporate Identity Theft: Documents You Must Safeguard

      Employee shredding documentsAppropriate document disposal is a critical requirement in the business world. This is because what may seem like an inconsequential piece of paper may contain data about a client or the business which is too sensitive to be left alone.

      The majority of people are under the impression that it is easy and cheap to destroy papers themselves. However, if you do not do it correctly, you are running the risk of exposing information to the wrong people.

      To avoid all that, paper shredding services come in handy to ensure total document destruction; hence, zero chances for identity theft. That said, here are documents that are likely to cause identity theft trouble if not disposed of well.

      Product Development, Recipes, and Business Ideas

      This happens to be the biggest battle in modern companies. Leakage of ideas, services, products and recipes to your competitors is bad news. The reason being, they will either ruin the concept before you launch it or they will come up with a similar product or service to beat yours in the market. As such, details should be kept under wraps with no paper copies all over the place.

      Client Contracts

      Floating critical information about your clients around is a disaster in the waiting. This is because, a client can sue you for a multitude of charges against their identity and personal information, or extort money from you to prevent you from going to the court. In worse cases, your competitor might get this documents and start converting clients by giving them better deals than you are offering.

      Business Reports

      Business reports issued to members of staff in a meeting or discussion should be collected and shredded immediately after the meeting. This is because they contain information you do not want getting out. For instance, if you are a public institution, it could give insider leaks on lousy market results before you declare them publicly. Automatically, this will result in a drop in stock and market shares, a problem you can avoid. As such, keep the insider away and shred those reports

      Signing up a paper shredding company will ensure that all sensitive documents do not escape the control of your company. This is because they will purge documents completely hence no chance of falling into the competitor’s hands.