• 5 Mistakes to Avoid When Marketing with Promotional Items

      Flash drives as promotional productsPromotional products are a powerful marketing tool. Even if the world has become increasingly digital, many corporations continue to invest in them in billions worldwide.

      While the use of promotional items is popular in the Land Down Under, many Australian businesses to fail to move the needle in sales. If you ask experienced promotional product companies, these are the common mistakes they say that many corporations make:

      Having No Measurable Objectives

      It’s difficult to quantify the success of your marketing campaign without measurable goals. Before you think about promotional items, think about what you want to achieve with them. Otherwise, there’s no way to know if they make any positive impact on your business.

      Failing to Understand Your Target Market

      Not all promotional products are useful to Australians. According to a recent survey, flash drives, pens, and bags are the most valuable items in the eyes of an average Australian consumer. The three ranks the highest because of their utility and longevity. If you don’t know what product qualities your target market values, your promotional items might be thrown away.

      Using the Wrong Items

      Some products might be inappropriate for your brand. The last thing you want is giving away promotional items inconsistent with what your company represents.

      Sacrificing Quality

      You can’t buy promotional items that are of good quality, cost low, and can be manufactured fast. You can only pick two from the three. As much as you want to save money and maximise your limited budget, don’t sacrifice quality for effective marketing.

      Ordering at the Last Minute

      Planning is the key to guarantee promotional product quality. You need enough time to look for defects and make final design corrections. When buying bespoke items, order at least three weeks in advance before your target launch date to ensure seamless production.

      It pays to work with a reliable promotional product company to avoid costly mistakes. At the end of the day, the wisdom and experience of a seasoned company are critical to the success of your marketing campaign.