• What Does Your Office Design Say About Your Corporate Brand?

      Modern office designBritish companies increasingly realise that interior spaces do more than just provide a working area. Aside from reflecting your business standards, a good office design also serves as key productivity booster among your employees.

      When thinking about a great way to design your office, interior designers offer a variety of ways that will reflect your corporate brand.

      Popular Design Trends

      Employers can choose from different designs, ranging from the latest trends of the year to more traditional styles. Contemporary designs that use glass with other modern elements have become common among financial institutions, since the type of work by these companies focuses on confidentiality and the transparency of their business.

      Another popular trend involves the use of wood and sympathetic lighting, which is otherwise known as the elements of a Scandi design. Companies that want to evoke a peaceful and warm environment often opt for this type of interior setting. Open-plan spaces offer a different atmosphere ‒ one that encourages collaboration among employees, particularly those in the marketing fields. This type of design has grown to be more popular for co-working spaces.

      Shared Office Spaces

      Co-working spaces recently became the norm for those who want to save on costs and lure younger talent. Some shared offices, however, have used a different narrative for their designs; something that is designed exclusively for female workers.

      The AllBright and We Heart Mondays co-working spaces in London are some examples. Women-only shared office spaces are more common in the U.S., yet the launch of these properties in London indicated that the trend has extended its influence abroad.

      A good office design reflects your corporate brand and values. Whether you want a modern appearance or a collaborative theme for your office, consult with an experienced interior office designer to ensure that your brand is reflected both internally and externally.