• Company Website Essentials that Can Convert Audience to Clients

      Businessman checking web analyticsYour company website should have good content to land new clients. It always comes down to three things: great copy, remarkable photographs, and complete contact information.

      For a remote team, having a strong online presence is essential in attracting new clients. You cannot rely on traditional marketing and word-of-mouth. These days, businesses apparently know the power of social media and search engines like Google in reaching out to their consumers. However, they take for granted the relevance of a good corporate website. If you are a B2B company, you need to have a website so you would look professional and credible.

      Striking and updated photographs
      No stock photos, please. Allow a fun day for a professional photo shoot. Take photographs of people at work and while having fun. You should also have a page for your team members with fresh and updated portraits. In Salt Lake City, you can hire professionals to take corporate headshot photos, explains JayLynn Studios. Your clients want to know that they’re dealing with real human beings, so it’s always nice to place a face for a name.

      Simple, straight-forward, and witty copy

      Have you ever come across company websites that look flashy but do not deliver at all? By browsing through your website, your prospective client should be able to know what your company does, what kind of services or products you offer, and how you do it. It would also be nice to share your story and how you started. Aim for directness with a punch of witticism.

      Complete contact details

      Prospective clients need an assurance that you are not bogus. Make sure that you put all your contact information including your office address, phone number, e-mail address, and operation hours. Include a map and landmarks. Make sure that you also have a contact form so the clients can easily drop you a line.

      When creating a company website, some get overwhelmed with all the possible features that they could include. You need to give high priority to the ones that can convert audience to clients. What should you learn to let go? Anything that takes time to load and eats up your customer’s time.