• When is the Best Time to Get a New AC?

      Split type air conditionerWhen homeowners experience trouble with their air conditioning system, their initial reaction is to call a technician to repair it. However, there are some cases that even an expert cannot fix. When this happens, you are left with one option, and that is to replace it with a new unit. Air conditioning suppliers in Sydney share a checklist to help you figure out if your AC could still be salvaged or not.

      Years of service

      How long have you been using your air conditioner? An AC unit typically has a service life of no more than 15 to 20 years, and this still depends on how well you take proper care of it. Once it goes beyond that period, issues will start showing up. When they do, the problems might not even worth the repair because the system might begin acting up again. 

      Cost of repairs

      Have you been experiencing the same old issue in your AC for the past few months or weeks? If so, how much have you spent on the repairs? If your estimate is between $5,000 and $7,000, then it is a clear sign that you have to get a new one.

      Energy efficiency

      As air conditioner ages, it gradually loses its efficiency. If you notice a change in performance, like the air it blows is no longer as cold as before, and your energy bill keeps rising even when there is no increase on the utility rates, it is a sign that you need to replace your system. This decision would even benefit you since units that are produced today are built with enhanced energy efficiency.

      Figuring out the perfect time for air conditioning system replacement can be quite difficult especially considering the amount of money involved. That is why you need to be aware of the signs above to help you come up with the best decision.