• Questions You Should Be Asking Your Real Estate Agent

      Couple speaking to real estate agentLetting go of your home is a hard thing to do. After all, you have grown accustomed to living in it and sharing precious memories with your family.

      There are different reasons for leaving a home and transferring to a new one — a new job, an illness or death of a family member, wanting to change your environment, and many more.

      Whatever your reasons are, know that hiring a real estate agent to sell your house in Salt Lake City is a must as this is a full-time job, and it is difficult to do on your own. With regards to this, skybuys.com cites the questions you need to ask your real estate agent before hiring them.

      1. How long have you been selling houses?

      Knowing their experience and what they’d have to go through as a real estate agent is very important. The more years they have been in the business, the better.

      Yes, although real estate agents who have been in the industry for a couple of months or years are great. However, if you want to sell your house faster and at a better price, opting for a more experienced agent would be your best bet.

      2. Do you have references I can call?

      Real estate agents often ask their past customers if they can have their phone numbers and keep them as their references.

      You can call these people and ask about the agent’s work ethics, and how they have been when assigned to do the job. This will give you a good glimpse of what they are capable of.

      3. What is your marketing strategy for my property?

      Real estate agents should have a marketing strategy ready for every property that they are looking to sell.

      Ask them how they are planning to put the listing out there and what they are willing to do if ever a potential buyer asks them about the property. Ask if they have plans of putting it up on social media and on what platforms they plan on putting it up.

      Going with your gut and hiring someone that you know you can trust is a way to hire an agent, but nothing beats being thorough. Don’t hesitate to ask them about the doubts you might have. It could just be the only thing stopping you from getting the best.