• 3 Things to Look for in a Quality Driver

      Professional truck driver at workMany businesses depend on the efficient transport of their products across states and countries. This makes starting a trucking business a lucrative venture. Much of that depends on the quality of drivers that will take your trucks around that country.

      Naturally, the key to that lies in effective truck driver recruitment. Here are three things to look for when recruiting a truck driver for your company:

      1. Training

      Many people can drive, but that doesn’t mean everyone is qualified to be a commercial truck driver. The job requires specialized training due to inherent differences between smaller vehicles and long-haul trucks. It’s tougher to gauge that individually, but some manpower and staffing companies provide an assurance of the quality of training that the applicants underwent.

      2. Experience

      Apart from training, long distance hauling requires a great deal of experience to be able to manage the job. There are many factors to consider, such as experience with fuel management, distance navigation, and even the mental resilience to endure long journeys. Getting drivers from a staffing agency usually comes with a guarantee of experience or at least an honest assessment of their capabilities and experience.

      3. Licenses

      You need to be sure that your prospective driver is legally cleared for the job. This is the simplest step of all, as all states will require them to get and renew a professional or commercial driver’s license. Other than the “professional” tag, these licenses will also bear the weight limitations of the truck they can drive. Check for validity dates and see if the license is original; each state has its own authenticity checks.

      Hiring the right drivers is important to ensure a smooth and successful business operation. If you’re having a hard time finding the best candidates, working with a staffing agency is a wise move.