• 3 Strong Reasons to Have Professional Photos for Branding

      Close up photograph of pastriesMarketing is a complex process that requires many elements to make it successful. One of these elements is visuals, which are a great tool for branding.

      How? Here are the best reasons why businesses should seriously consider engaging with companies such as Pixel Perfect Photography:

      1. Crowd Pleaser

      People love visuals, and what they see affect how they behave with or respond to the brand. More than half of consumers searching online are more likely to choose website listings with images. Marketing materials such as press releases and articles also have a higher chance of being read when pictures accompany them.

      Most of all, over 65 percent of e-commerce shoppers believe images help them make a buying decision.

      2. Never Lost in Memory

      Visuals can also improve memory retention. A person who hears information may retain only 10 percent of it after three days. But if he sees an image, the retention increases to 65 percent within the same period. This piece of information is crucial. Most people these days see hundreds of images on any given day. Having the right image helps a brand stand out and unforgettable.

      3. Social Media Love

      Social media and visuals have an intense love affair. In fact, businesses that add images to their posts may see a hike of likes up to 53 percent. It, therefore, improves the rate of engagement, which is necessary for building customer relationships.

      Visuals such as images also encourage sharing. They may also draw emotional reactions. Emotions, meanwhile, are usually one of the foundations of a person’s decision to buy. They may even have more influence than product information or ad content, studies suggest.

      When it comes to marketing, content is still king, whether online or offline. But marketers should start focusing on a different type of content, visuals, to connect, engage, and encourage consumers to buy.