• Pros and Cons of Homes with Open Floor Plans

      Modern home with open floor planHouses with open floor plans do not have walls separating the living, dining, or kitchen area. According to the National Association of Home Builders, nearly 84 percent of newly-constructed single-family houses have partial or full open layouts.

      Even the team from Jaren Johnson Realty Group witnessed the growing fondness for these types of homes as evidenced by the growing demand. Before you consider this type of floor plan, learn about its advantages and disadvantages.

      Pro: Maximizes Every Square Foot

      Houses with open floor plans appear bigger, as the layout doesn’t divide the property into small, cramped rooms.

      Con: Noise and Smell Travels into Open Space

      With open floor plans, noise from the dishwasher, cooking appliances, TV, stereo, and kids travels to every corner. This is because there are no walls that can absorb it. The same goes for the smell of food and smoke, unless the home has a heavy-duty smoke vent.

      Pro: Improves Social Bonds

      Open floor homes make it easy to socialize, especially when everyone in the family is busy with their own tasks. Besides, you can entertain guests in the living room, while preparing dessert in the kitchen. Gone are the days when you had to rush cooking so as not to keep the guests on the other side of the room waiting.

      Con: Lack of Privacy

      There are times when spending time with your entire family seems almost impossible, particularly after a stressful day at work. Open floor plans make it difficult if you want to be alone in the other room. This can also be a problem if you just want peace and quiet while reading.

      Considering the pros and cons listed above, you can decide whether an open floor design suits your sense of style and lifestyle. Just be sure to choose wisely to ensure that you are investing properly.