• Five Benefits of Enrolling Your Child in an After-School Program

      Group of students getting on school busTaekwondo and Hai Dong Gum Do are just some of the after-school programs available for children as young as five years. For some parents, enrolling a child in such a program makes them work comfortably after regular school hours, as they are assured the child is in safe hands. Other than this, the child has a lot to gain from the program.

      Can handle class work better

      If you are thinking of an after-school program in Centreville, you have lots of options. One primary benefit is the ability for your child to concentrate better. The activities require a person to pay full attention to what is happening around to defeat an opponent. The same skill can be transferred to schoolwork resulting in better grades.

      More disciplined

      Some programs require high levels of discipline. You can only refer to the instructor respectfully, talk when you are permitted to, and disrespectful habits such as chewing, talking loudly or abusive language are not permitted. There is a set dress code and timetable everyone should adhere to.

      Learn out-of-class skills

      There are skills your child might never learn in the class such as protecting themselves or how to deal with tough situations. Also, the programs promote good eating and exercising habits that can reduce obesity.

      Better relationships

      Children who attend after-school programs relate better with parents, other adults and peers. They obey their parents more and are less likely to bully others.

      Become more responsible adults

      Because of the values instilled, children have the power to make more informed decisions. They are less likely to fall into peer pressure or result in drug abuse. This trend goes on into their adult life.

      Children have a lot of energy, which, when not well utilized, can lead to risky behavior. After-school programs offer a safe place where children can participate in programs of their choice as they learn basic life skills.