• The Olive Oil Controversy: How a Human Touch Sells

      Olive oilThe Olive oil industry is a big business.

      So big, that Americans spend up to $700 million annually on this product. Despite that, it is reported that 80% of Italian olive oil are fakes.

      One way to ensure the authenticity of the product is to buy directly from a producer or certified distributor. Another is to check if there’s a third-party certification seal. Keep an eye out for the European Union’s Protected Designation of Origin (PDO), Italy’s DOP, or the “COOC Certified Extra Virgin” seal from the California Olive Oil Council for California-made oils.

      All the precautions are there to aid consumers, but what can authentic and private olive oil brands do to stand out?

      Vitina Feo, granddaughter of the founder of Papa Vince Olive Oil, in an interview by AM/PM Podcast, hosted by Manny Coats, provides an answer:

      A Human Touch

      At the time of the interview, Papa Vince received over 600 positive reviews. Vitina attributed this to the outstanding quality of their product, followed by her system of sending personal e-mails to her customers.

      “…Most people that have a wonderful experience won’t take the time to write a review, unless you prompt them,” she says.

      A simple gesture of sending e-mails thanking her customers brings her around five reviews weekly. She engages a conversation with them about her product. If they like it, she asks them if they can go ahead and make a review on Amazon. Additionally, she also explains to the customer how to maximize the product, like what to expect and how to use it.

      Follow Through

      After the second purchase by the same customer, she sends another email to promote her other products. Paid advertisements remain a staple in advertising her products. But she finds that constantly following through and regularly communicating with her clients go a long way.

      At the end of the day, both consumers and businesses are run by, at its core, people. Simple compassionate gestures and a human touch make all the difference between a one-time customer and a lifelong consumer.