• 3 Things to Look into Before Hiring a Transport Contractor

      Bus along highwayDo you need a bus to accommodate an entire population of fifth graders for their much deserved end-of-school field trip? A fleet of cars to shuttle wedding guests between hotels and your wedding venue? Or a limousine to take a visiting rock star on a day tour of the city?

      The best option for you is to sign up with an independent transport contractor. But before you choose one among the many vendors in the market, here are three considerations you have to make.

      Competitive Contract

      Working with an independent contractor, whether one from the transport or creative industry, means your organisation has the upper hand in terms of flexibility. Time and money are on your side. You can decide when you need the service and how much you are willing to pay for it.

      When you are in need to, for instance, hire bus here in Sydney, your priority should be to compare available contracts. Which vendor provides the most competitive pricing? Which deal includes insurance? Which one covers value-added perks such as, let’s say, complimentary snacks on board?

      Safety Rules and Standards

      Another crucial consideration you can’t miss is your potential contractor’s history concerning safety. Do a quick research on their organisation and see if they have been involved in any road accidents in the past. Ask their sales agents about the safety rules and standards they subscribe to.

      Make sure that their contract clearly states their assumption of total responsibility the whole duration of their service.

      Company Worker Policy

      One of the most reliable ways to ascertain an organisation’s integrity is to know whether their employees are well taken care of. After all, dissatisfied employees will, at some point, provide no more than substandard service.

      In terms of the independent transport industry, one thing to look into is this: are their hired drivers happy ones? You can rest easy if the answer to that question is yes.

      Working with independent contractors ought to be built on mutual trust. To achieve this, on your end as a customer, it is important to ask the right questions.