• The Perfect Surprise Birthday Party: How to Pull It Off

      woman holding gift boxOrganizing a surprise birthday party takes a lot of work. From sourcing party rentals in Minneapolis to pull a perfect ambush off, everything has to be perfect. Otherwise, the guest of honor might learn about the secret event, flushing your effort down the drain. Worse, the party itself might not go as planned if you fail to cover all the bases.

      If you’re a stranger to surprise party preparation, use these tips to do all the necessary things right:

      Make sure the celebrant likes surprises

      Realize that not all people like surprises. Some are not big fans of being in the spotlight and dealing with a large crowd. Although they’re not necessarily allergic to parties, they usually like to be prepared for the occasion.

      Schedule it earlier than the actual occasion

      If you’re positive the celebrant would appreciate the surprise party, make sure to pick a date before the occasion itself. Many organizers make the silly mistake of setting up the event on the guest of honor’s birthday. Doing so would lessen the element of surprise since people often have something special planned on their birthday.

      Spread the word with caution

      Once the guest list is finalized, tell guests individually. Be careful about using social media since the Internet isn’t the best place to discuss your secret event. You might have to lie to certain people just to protect the integrity of your surprise party.

      Put a premium on logistics

      Planning everything alone can be hard if you hang with the celebrant almost every day. If this is the case, ask another reliable friend to help you take care of the logistics of getting all party essentials and guests in the venue punctually.

      When it comes to surprise birthday party planning, stress comes with the territory. It will all be worth it, though, if you pull it off right and see the genuine happiness in the celebrant’s face after the reveal.