• Study: US Physician Salaries Rose, But Job Growth Fell in Some Cities

      Female PhysicianHospitals in some U.S. cities may need the help of physician recruitment companies for their hiring plans, as job growth lagged in these areas during 2017, according to a Doximity study.

      The study, however, noted that average salaries for American doctors rose 5.1% during the year, despite five major cities that recorded smaller physician salaries. Physicians that specialize in geriatrics emerged as the most in-demand doctors, due to an aging U.S. population. Demand for cardiologists also increased 23%.

      Higher Pay

      While average salaries dropped in some cities and rose nationwide, doctors in San Francisco enjoyed the highest increase in pay among the top 10 metropolitan areas. The city also landed in the top six cities for job growth. According to the study, the level of demand for physicians in certain cities primarily drove the increase in compensation.

      On the other hand, Boston had the highest demand for doctors and the biggest job growth percentage, which increased 72%. Los Angeles, New York, Philadelphia and Seattle also ranked in the top 10 cities for job and salary growth.

      Smaller Compensation

      Doctors in Phoenix, Denver, Las Vegas, Houston and Columbus, Ohio, earned smaller salaries in 2017. Those in Phoenix saw the biggest drop at 9%. Doximity based its findings on job growth byusing 12,000 physician listings between 2016 and 2017.

      The study also based its data on 20 metropolitan statistical areas and job advertisements for 15 medical specialities two years ago. For salaries, it surveyed an estimated 40,000 full-time and licensed physicians that work at least 40 hours each every week.


      Despite the mixed trends in employment and salary growth for U.S. physicians, the overall outlook remains bright the industry in 2018, according to the report. Some hospitals, especially those in rural areas, should consider third-party services to assist in their recruitment of doctors.