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      Yes, You Can Sell a House That is Still Under a Mortgage — Here’s How

      Miniature of a house“Out with the old and in with the new.” Many people feel as though that they love their home, but it may be time for a change — something different and maybe better. There are quite a few things that you must do before you can sell your house.

      For example, if you might want to sell your house that still in a mortgage, which isn’t as terrible as it sounds. It simply means that your loan has not been paid in full yet. Despite that, many people are still able to sell their homes despite being still on a mortgage.

      A specialist in Lake Oswego tells us more about how to sell a house without having to readjust your mortgage rates.

      A Few Steps

      You must first be aware of how much mortgage you have left to pay. That way, if you sell your house, you will be sure that you have earned enough to comfortably pay for the rest of the mortgage that you owe.

      So, if you have got a buyer who decides to close a deal on your house, whatever money they use to pay for the house will go to the mortgage left and other miscellaneous fees. Then, whatever is left will be yours to keep.


      Make sure to check out what the current mortgage rates are in your area and how well the general housing market is doing before making a final decision. If the market for housing isn’t presently doing so well, your home might not even match the amount of your mortgage.

      Be sure to consult a reputable firm in your area to look into whether or not you should sell your house. They can give you the best professional advice on how to get the best deal for your situation.