• Keep Your Horse Happy with These 5 Tips

      A horse being fed at a stableFarm animals are good companions if you know how to keep them healthy and happy. Finding the right kind of animal feed, shelter and exercise are just a few of the important things they would need on a daily basis.

      Horses, for one, are unique and fascinating. They have lives so different from humans and other farm animals that keeping them happy is an investment. Besides, if you keep a horse comfortable, he will serve you well. Here are a few things you can do to ensure that.

      Groom him regularly, and groom him well

      Horses love pampering. Brush his mane, groom his skin, and scratch his back whenever possible. And you can do all these using coconut oil – it has a lot of benefits even for horses.

      Give him enough fibre and water

      The primary need of your horse is his roughage. He needs to keep that gut comfortable. And to turn that fibre into soup, he will need nice, clean water all the time.

      Give him friends

      Horses are natural herd animals. They like the company of others. Give him a companion (preferably a fellow-equine) that he can see all the time. Some farmers keep horses with sheep or cats so that they know they are not alone.

      Get those hooves running

      Horses love to run around and keep their legs moving. They also need it for better blood circulation through that massive body, and for better digestion, too.

      Stick to a routine

      One thing that horses and humans have is that internal body clock. The more consistent you are with your horse’s activities, the more he will feel that you care for him.

      It is not difficult to keep a horse happy, and most horse-owners go out their way to do it. Just remember that when a horse knows he is loved, he will show you.