• Report Ranks London as Top Tourist Destination in Europe for 2017

      The icons of England in vintage, retro styleLondon ranked as the most popular destination among tourists in Europe for 2017, according to the eDreams Odigo European Traveller Insights 2017 report.

      Despite a recent series of terror attacks in the city, more people still decided to visit mostly because of the weaker pound post-Brexit. Bookings from European tourists rose 24 %, which allowed the city to retain the top rank for the second year in a row.

      Weaker Currency

      The pound has stayed at €1.13, down approximately 10 % after the referendum vote in June 2016. It has failed to gain some form of growth momentum in the past 12 months as well. According to eDreams CEO Dana Dunne, the weaker currency proved to be a blessing in disguise, as tourists were able to spend more in the city.

      As a result, a higher tourism spending contributed to the U.K. economy. The World Travel and Tourism Council expects spending among foreign tourists to increase by 6.2 % in 2017. If you want to make the most out of your budget for accommodation in London, hostels with private rooms could be a good option.

      Low Cost of Travel

      A weaker pound gradually translated to cheaper flights that primarily caused an increase in travel bookings, according to eDreams. Bookings in Berlin rose 10 % year over year, while flight reservations in Paris reservations increased 4 % in the same period.

      Dunne said that even Britons have found it attractive to travel to distant places, as 15 budget airlines with long-haul flights began to operate since 2012. You should expect to pay just €569 on average for a return ticket on a long-haul flight this year, as opposed to €610 in 2016.

      More people will likely continue to visit London if low prices of airline tickets and a weaker pound continue in the future.