• Man holding out a mortgage document

      4 Tricks to Speed Up Your Mortgage Approval

      Man holding out a mortgage documentGetting a mortgage can actualize your dream of providing a proper shelter for your family. However, for your loan to be approved fast, you need to be privy to some tips, which you could use to accelerate your mortgage loan application. Here are some of them:

      Know your credit score​

      Most future homeowners never check whether their credit scores are healthy despite the fact that it only takes minutes to check. This mistake can cost you a great deal. Make an effort of checking your credit rating, and if it is not good, do something to improve it before submitting your loan application papers.

      If you want an FHA loan program from Primary Residential Mortgage, Inc. or other mortgage company, you need a minimum score of 680. A bad credit score could be a significant impediment towards getting your mortgage approved.

      Have your down payment handy​

      Going to your lender empty handed will not only cost you more in terms of interest payable, but it may delay your application. Have some savings to pay for your 20% down payment. In this case, the more you have, the better.

      Be honest​

      Being honest with your lender from the beginning will reduce the chances of being disappointed in the final hour. If there is a previous issue with your credit, you better disclose it earlier on. This will help the lender advise you accordingly, and if it’s redeemable, then you can do so early enough.

      Hold on to your job dearly​

      Do what you have to do, but make sure you hold on to your job before and during the loan application process. Many people have suffered and lost desirable deals by merely quitting their jobs days before the approval. The lender wants an assurance of a steady income flow.

      Being able to secure your mortgage loan fast will not only help you get your dream home fast, but you could also be able to take advantage of a tremendous short-term mortgage deal. The above tricks will set you up for a successful and fast mortgage application.