• Safety Glasses for Digital Eye Strain Prevention

      a woman wearing eye wear to help her vision while workingComputers, cell phones, and other electronic gadgets are integral parts of modern workplaces. They play crucial roles in almost all industries and businesses. They are, however, a leading cause of digital eye strain.

      It is therefore important to provide your employees with safety glasses to protect their vision. Computer eyeglasses are made from select lenses with various coatings. They can be further altered to suit specific needs and preferences. Computer glass lenses are however mainly categorized into the following groups:

      Single-vision lens

      These eyeglasses allow users to focus their vision on the computer monitor and avoid obstructions. They reduce the risk of getting blurred vision, poor posture, and eye strain. They are suitable for users of all ages. They should not be worn for other tasks, however, as they have restricted distance vision.

      Flat-top bifocal lens

      These glasses are separated into halves. Their upper half is attuned to make objects at a computer screen’s distance appear clear while the lower half improves the vision for materials closer to the user. They are ideal for users whose work still necessitates them to work with objects other than computers.

      Variable focus lens

      Also called trifocal, these lenses enhance vision across three ranges. Unlike bifocals, they have no delineation across the visual fields. They, therefore, allow unobstructed vision for the user. They are hard to craft, however, so they are more costly compared to bifocals and single-vision lenses.

      These lenses are typically coated with distinct materials to protect your eyes against computer glare. Some are tinted to decrease the glare while others have melanin coating. Melanin-coated lenses improve contrast and potentially block UV rays in addition to glare protection. Buying your eyeglasses from an accredited safety equipment supplier ensures you only get the ideal computer safety eyeglasses.