• Special Consideration for Carpet Cleaning in Nursing Homes

      Close-up Of Person's Hand Spraying Cleaning Agent On CarpetThe daily duties of a home care cleaning crew do not differ significantly from janitorial services doing maintenance in other locations. They clean floors, walls, and furniture. They change bedding, wash mirrors, scrub toilets and empty trash bins as well. Occasionally, they may clean air vents and clip overgrown hedges. When they do their job well, the people who reside in the facility are assured of a clean and comfortable abode.

      Where Diseases Like to Tread

      The very nature of a nursing care facility, however, makes the job a bit more complicated. Sanitizing and disinfecting are integral to their task. Counters and tables are hard surfaces that harbour microorganisms. However, microorganisms can also stick to soft surfaces and stay there.

      Carpets are of particular concern for nursing home cleaning services such as Kallozacleaningsolutions.com.au. The flu virus may reside in carpets and stay dormant for long periods until someone with low resistance and the virus comes along for a ride. There may even be drug-resistant pathogens hiding within the fibres. Harmful organisms are sources of mortality and morbidity in facilities for elderly care. They must not be allowed to linger on carpets or on any surfaces in nursing care facilities.

      Special Requirements: Carpet Cleaning

      The floor is especially in need of attention from cleaners because it is a primary site for breeding infection. Many surfaces on elderly care facilities have carpeting on the floor. While carpets provide comfort and help beautify the surroundings, they can cause plenty of problems.

      Carpet surfaces have the potential to transmit flu and other potentially fatal diseases. Vacuuming a carpet does not guarantee removal of the bacteria, viruses, and fungal organisms trapped on the surface of carpet fibres. Deep cleaning with disinfectant might do the trick, but only when performed correctly. Filthy carpeting has no place in an elderly care facility.

      Sanitizing product may or may not work for specific microorganisms carrying deadly diseases. Carpet cleaners in elderly care facilities must take extra care for the health and welfare of its residents.