• Popcorn Bits that Make it the Healthiest Choice for Food Gifts

      PopcornEverybody loves gifts. In fact, with all the different occasions all year round, there is always a perfect opportunity to give and receive gifts. Food is an ideal gift option because everybody eats! Not all food treats are however appropriate.

      Some food gifts add calories, others are bad for your dental health, and some people might be allergic to particular food gifts. You would not want your gift to be the reason your loved one ends up in a hospital!

      Flavored popcorn presents or gifts are an example of a great food gift that you would offer your loved ones. Below are the components of popcorn that make it a great gift option for its significant benefits on a person’s health.


      Unprocessed grains such as popcorn seeds have high antioxidant levels. These grains have high levels of phenolic acid antioxidants that are more easily absorbed by the body than anthocyanin antioxidants present in colorful foods.

      Antioxidants have anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer and anti-aging benefits as they offer protection against damage to body cells and can help fight bad cholesterol.

      Dietary Fiber

      Most people take approximately a half of their daily recommended fiber intake with regard to their gender and age. Popcorn delivers around 1 gram of fiber per each cup of popcorn. An adequate dietary fiber intake lowers the risk of cardiovascular disease, Type 2 diabetes, and blood cholesterol.


      Popcorn has significant amounts of manganese. This is an essential mineral for building and maintenance of strong, healthy bones. It also supports bone structures in people prone to weak and brittle bones like menopausal women and protects against arthritis, osteoarthritis and osteoporosis.

      An ounce of popcorn has 0.9 mg of iron, which is higher than iron found in the same amount of spinach. It is, therefore, a healthy snack to protect you and your loved ones against anemia. You do not have to worry about allergies and intestinal problems since popcorn is a gluten-free snack.

      Ensure you buy your flavored popcorn from a reputable supplier who does not use any harmful products when popping the corn seeds.