• Spruce up Your Office Space with the Right Furniture

      Awesome Modern Loft Living Room | Architecture InteriorThose of us with office jobs understand the importance of a great workspace. After all, we spend eight (or more) hours at the office, writing reports and making calls. It’s safe to say that our work desks might as well be our second home.

      With that said, it can be a pain to juggle aesthetic and practical considerations when choosing your desk. How does a person choose one that is both ergonomic and trendy? Here are some ideas to help.

      Standing Order

      The idea of an industrial office desk that forces you to stand was unheard of a decade ago. Yet the demand for stand-up desks has never been this high. And no, it’s not like it was invented recently. Guess who thought this up first: none other than American founding father, Thomas Jefferson. He knew even then, in the 1800s, that standing up is great for your back. Going for durable office desks that you can adjust for sitting and standing should be good for you and your employees’ health.

      It’s not enough to choose work tables for their industrial durability. Design also plays a huge part in ensuring that your office reflects your company’s values and keeps your people comfortable. Feel free to think out of the box and ask around when choosing trendy industrial work table for your office.

      Curved, Not Straight

      It might be worthwhile to consider getting rounded industrial desks when furnishing the office. Studies have shown people regard furniture with rounded structures much better than straight, sharp-edged ones. A 2011 study by Dazkir and Read shows that rooms with rounded furniture made people more relaxed than those with traditional sharp-angled ones. This might be because straight-edged chairs and desks give off an aura of rigidity and conformance, while most people associate curves with flexibility and informality.