• Close-up Photo of a Bed Bug

      Here’s Why You Need a Professional Bed Bug Exterminator

      Close-up Photo of a Bed BugBed bugs are small crawling insects that thrive by hiding on mattresses, pillows, the edges of blankets and even clothes. They are reddish-brown, wingless and have flat bodies which make it hard to see them. They hide during the day and come out at night to feed on your blood as you sleep.

      Most people rush to purchase pesticides to eliminate these insects. However, since this method has failed so many times, a better option would be to get heat treatment from a bed bug extermination expert. Here’s how one can help you.


      Bed bug infestation can result in emotional distress to most individuals. The first thought is to throw away all the infested items. The professional exterminators, however, offer assurance that you need not take any drastic measure that will result in losses. Just invite them over, and they’ll take care of the problem.

      Identifying the Bed Bugs

      Experiencing an itch can lead you to conclude that your home has bed bugs. However, several insects cause itchiness at night. Some of these insects include ticks and fleas. The exterminator will help you find out what pest you’re dealing with and administer the appropriate corrective measures.

      Elimination Methods

      Professional exterminators make use of several approaches to eliminate bed bugs. They can use sprays they know to be effective, or they can use heat treatment. This process involves raising the home temperature to over 120 degrees. Death of all bed bugs will occur at these high temperatures.

      Professional Advice

      To keep the bugs away, experts cannot emphasize keeping your home clean any more than they do now. Replace and wash your sheets every other week or more frequently, and make sure you’re not bringing home any bugs from your travels.

      Bed bug infestation can be distressing, and dealing with them will be all the more so. Due to the immunity the bugs have developed, engaging experts is your best option.