• Office Renovations: Making It Work for Everyone

      Open design office spaceOffice renovation is an exciting time for most companies. For the employees, from management to the frontline, it signifies a time for a positive change as the new office is usually an upgrade from the former.

      An image enhancement

      One positive result is that the company gets to improve its image, which is a major reason for renovation. Prospective clients and business partners see it as a sign of the company’s culture, especially if the company is still unproven in the business world. If successfully done, business picks up because of the improved look of the company.

      Motivating the employees

      The other benefit is that employees will find the workplace more conducive to work. Many office interior designers in London say that a well designed and comfortable office space often leads to better production as employees are more motivated to work. This is especially true if the new layout allows related divisions to be grouped, making it easier to talk to colleagues. You could also create a more relaxing pantry and lounge area for the employees.

      Neglecting the small details

      While much time is spent discussing layout plans, people often neglect office fixtures. Many in upper management find that discussing such small details is quite tedious and not worth their time. The job, therefore, is often left to the good judgment of interior decorators without input from the staff. But in many cases, the result of this may be a great office layout, but with furniture that does not seem to fit the company’s image and needs. It could leave employees and even clients wondering what went wrong.

      Consider the specialists

      Fortunately, there are office interior designers in London, who can provide furniture options to best suit the company’s theme and employee needs. In this way, management can view a complete plan of the office’s final appearance and integrate the essential things that matter to them.
      While an office makeover is a great time to improve the company’s look, ensure that all aspects of the redesign are done well, from the room arrangement to the furniture.