• Indicators that your AC System Needs Repair

      An Air Conditioning UnitWhen summer strikes, the best and easiest way of dealing with the heat is through your air conditioner. This necessitates frequent HVAC inspections to identify any problems ahead of the summer.

      While you can always study your AC to identify any possible problems, some are not so obvious to your untrained eyes. This is where air conditioning contractors in Sydney such as Conduct Air Conditioning come in handy.

      If you notice any of the following signs, then repair is your next AC project.

      Unusual loud noises

      Strange loud noises in your AC system indicate imminent failure. The type of noise that you hear should guide you to establishing the cause and the remedy. Here are some:

      Rattling sound

      This sound comes from the dryer part of your AC system. It is because of broken hardware inside your unit. You should address this immediately to prevent further damage to other areas of the dryer.

      High pitched whistling

      This is because of blocked ducts or clogged filters that limit airflow in the system.

      Humming or Buzzing

      If you hear this type of noise, know that your fan motor or the system capacitor is either failing or is labouring more than it should.

      Loud pop on engagement

      This is a clear indication of airflow problems due to improperly sized ducts or clogged air filters.

      Cold air supply, even with the heat on

      During the cold months, the electric heat pumps can find it hard to keep up with the low temperatures experienced in Sydney. As such, it is normal for the air coming from supply vents to feel cold. However, if your heater supplies cold air and your AC supplies warm air, then it is time for repair.

      A majority of repairs on the air conditioners are simple and affordable. However, homeowners fear to call in technicians for fear of a large bill. If your AC is still new, it may yet have coverage for repair on the manufacturer’s warranty. Even if it is not, it is wise to fix it early to avoid major repairs and replacements.