• Who Are the Three Greatest Singer-Songwriters of All Time?

      Close up of a microphone attached on a stand help by a singerNew artists are flooding the web with their distinct sounds. While the good ones will have their 15 minutes of fame, the truly transformative ones will stay and remain forever. Music authority Rolling Stone has been keeping tabs of who’s hot and who’s not. According to the music magazine, these three singer-songwriters are, hands down, the best of all time:

      #3 John Lennon

      John Lennon met Paul McCartney in Liverpool where they drove school and local crowds wild before their band, the Beatles, became an international sensation. Lennon was brooding and displayed remarkable depth as a lyricist, penning timeless hits like “Imagine,” ”All You Need Is Love,” and “Come Together.”  By 1964, the Beatles owned the first five songs in the Billboard charts. At their peak, they sold a billion records worldwide.

      #2 Paul McCartney

      A prolific songwriter, McCartney was noted by his teachers as a highly intelligent boy. He cared not for any other field than music. As a performer, he was confident, charismatic, and a true genius with the fretboard. McCartney  is best known for his ballads, now all-time classics, including “Yesterday” and “And I Love Her.”

      #1 Bob Dylan

      Robert Allen Zimmerman from Minnesota started out as a folksy guitar player and singer before he became a pop hit in 1965 when he picked up an electric instrument. Music pulled him out of college, and he moved to New York City to play at clubs in Greenwich Village. There he was known as Bob Dylan. So strong was his influence as a songwriter and political thinker that he reluctantly became the “voice of his generation” with songs like “Times Are A Changing.”

      The greatest musical talents of all time did not seek fame but “followed the sound,” taking giant leaps of faith in the creative process. By doing so, they carved out a new path for music where many singer-songwriters later followed. In music studios in New York like mc34.com, yet another young artist could be the next Bob Dylan making music no one has ever heard before.