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      Four Business Ideas to Consider in Victoria, Australia

      restaurantVictoria has seen a huge spike in international visitor spending in 2016. According to figures from the Victoria State Government, international visitors spent a total of $6.7 billion in 2016. This represents an 8.5 percent increase from figures in 2015 when foreign tourists spent only 526 million.

      This is great news for small- and medium-sized business owners in Victoria. A spike in tourists means more income. If you’re looking into business opportunities in Victoria, here are some travel-related ideas to inspire you:


      The more tourism efforts improve, the more the city needs lodging to accommodate the growing number of tourists. There are many hotels and motels for sale in Victoria’s companies. If you don’t want to build from the ground up, buying an existing structure and rebranding it is the fastest business solution.

      Local Restaurants

      Foodie or not, tourists always look for local delights they can only get in a certain place. This is why restaurants serving good ‘ol local dishes are always popular among the international crowd. Whether you’re building a bar, café, diner or a full-service restaurant, do serve local goodies for the curious tourists and local fans.

      Shuttle Service

      People who travel in groups, especially families on holiday, are always on the lookout for transport services. Having one dedicated shuttle service for the entire trip is more economical and comfortable, especially for families with small children.

      Personal Tourist Guides

      Group travel packages have been around for ages, but you can always put a spin on things. Instead of catering to big groups, offer services for individuals or smaller travel groups. Instead of just going to the famous tourist spots, include famous pubs and restaurants in the itinerary and get to know the local food, vibe and community. Travelling in big groups can be a bit limiting. That’s why it’s better to befriend a local to help you get around. And guess what, you can turn that into a money-making venture.

      Nobody knows the city like the locals do. When looking for business ventures, focus on the best things the city has to offer, and help people enjoy them through your venture. If you’re a budding entrepreneur in Australia, do consider these great travel-related business ideas.