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      What to Do After Hurricane Harvey’s Destructive Visit

      electricMaryland is one of the states that took a hit from Hurricane Harvey. In the aftermath, local businesses gathered for relief efforts, showing the true Maryland spirit. There are plans to help those in need, and collection drives help get the donations from individual households.

      If you’re living in the state, you may be forgetting some of the most important things to do after a hurricane. Here are some reminders:

      Resolve Water Damage Problems as Soon as Possible

      You’re dealing with more than just dirty carpets that need carpet cleaning. More importantly, you’re dealing with potential illnesses if those carpets in your Maryland office is not cleaned of flood water. Flood water is dirty and may contain all sorts of bacteria, which can affect everyone in the house upon contact. Regular cleaning of your carpet or just letting them out to dry will not be enough.

      Inspect Electrical Lines

      Hurricane Harvey was strong enough to cause serious damage, and your electrical lines may have been affected. What’s worse is you may not notice the damage immediately. Before you plug in your appliances or before you even switch on the lights, have an electrician inspect the wiring to make sure there are no live wires or other potentially fatal problems waiting to happen.

      Throw Away Badly Damaged Furniture

      You may think drying that sofa can solve the problem, but you should not settle for a quick fix like that. Dirty water could have contaminated furniture, and you may not be aware of the presence of molds in them. Keeping items that were severely damaged by the hurricane will only make your employees more prone to sicknesses.

      The hurricane may be gone, but you still need to do some things to make sure your office is safe. It’s time to do a full inspection to know that everything is in order.