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      Online Reputation Management 101: Why is it Important to Your Business?

      ORMWith the rise of the Internet comes new and exciting opportunities for many individuals and business owners. It’s not unheard of people or brands that go viral overnight. It could be a good kind of publicity, but it could also be a bad one. This is the side of the internet that you need to tread carefully. Fortunately, there are people who specialize in improving your online reputation nowadays.

      What is Online Reputation Management?

      Online reputation management (ORM) is the process of improving your name or brand’s name when people search for you online. This is done by countering or eliminating the negative and damaging content found on the internet about you or your brand by replacing them with more positive content to increase your credibility

      Why Do You Need to Manage Your Online Reputation?

      • Your online reputation is important. Negative reviews, blog posts, feedback, pictures, comments, and feedback when left unmitigated can do a lot of damage to you or your brand’s name. If a picture could paint a thousand words, imagine what a single negative social media post can do to your business.
      • Many potential customers base their decision to purchase on online reviews. Many potential customers would search on the internet first for reviews of the products or services you offer before making a decision to purchase. Of course, customers would avoid businesses with a lot of negative feedback and so potential sales are lost.
      • Improve your online credibility. Who will believe that the service or product you offer is up to par when all everyone sees are negative feedback?

      Not everyone can manage your online reputation effectively. ORM will fail when handled incorrectly. An example of this are:

      • Ignoring negative feedback
      • Fighting tooth and nail against a negative review
      • Replying in a defensive, aggressive, or sarcastic manner

      While many do not see the value of ORM, the truth remains that it can help safeguard your brand equity against negative reviews. It can impact your sales and revenue for the better or worse; it all depends on how you manage your online reputation.